Employee Ownership Consultant

After many years within the John Lewis Partnership, in a variety of independent roles, Helen grew a strong and genuine passion for Employee Ownership (EO). Since leaving the Partnership, Helen has gone on to work with several other EO businesses through Trusteeship, Training, Coaching and Advising. This includes Chair of the Trust Board and Chair of the Co-owner Council at Go Ape, Non Executive Consultant and Chair of Riverford Organic Farmer’s Co-Owner Council, Director Chair of Turley Trustees, Independent Trustee at Lush, providing bespoke training for democrats and supporting the Employee Ownership Association at their key events.

A word from Helen:

‘I have a true belief in this model and the associated benefits, but like anything, it doesn’t just happen by accident. You have to work at it to make it great, and believe me EO can be truly great when the power of ownership is understood and leveraged.’

How Helen can help you:

  • Leadership Development Programs that offer a blended approach of workshops and coaching with a keen focus on how to Lead within an EO business.
  • Consultancy to assess your current EO offer, identify the culture you desire and highlight the current gap. Design and delivery of interventions to enable you to close the gap and meet your EO aspirations.
  • Robust, independent Chair of Trusts and Democratic Bodies, able to provide expertise and a candid friend to your EO offer, strategy and decision making processes.
  • Training for democrats that enables them to understand their role, explore how this sits within the governance structure and develops the skills needed to carry out the role effectively.

Workplace Culture Consultant

If you feel as though your Workplace Culture isn’t meeting the needs of your future organisational aspirations, it can be hard to know how to break it down in order to turn things around. This is because every culture is different, it is shaped by its people and processes. Culture isn’t just pay and perks, it runs much deeper.

Helen has spent many years advising upon Workplace Culture and mapping out considered strategies that address the core of the issue and amplify what’s already working.

One very important thing Helen learnt from her many years in the John Lewis Partnership is that happy employees, equal happy customers, equals a profitable business, which in return benefits the business and its employees.

Helen can help you too in identifying the culture you want, creating positive steps to meet your aspirations and building a culture that not only survives the challenges of today, but creates the necessary conditions for it to thrive.

Helen’s 6 Step Plan:

  1. Identify – Help you identify your workplace culture aspirations, and ensure they are congruent with your strategy, vision and values.
  2. Insight – An independent view formed through observation, analysis of data, focus groups and one to one discussion with employees at all levels.
  3. Recommendations – Application of a strategic lens to the findings that cuts through the complexity and provides recommendations to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
  4. Planning – Coaching support to stimulate thinking and enable Leaders to create a compelling and considered plan of action that puts culture and the heart of strategy and galvanises the power of the employee.
  5. Action – Tailor made interventions such as Leadership Coaching, Workshops and facilitated sessions to focus on a common goal and work collaboratively to achieve the desired results.
  6. Measure – Creation and application of measures that helps you to assess how your interventions are positively impacting on performance and levels of satisfaction.

A word from Helen:

‘A happy and healthy workforce is a more productive and engaged workforce. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense.’

Leadership Coaching

Being a Leader can be a challenging and draining role. It can be difficult to find an independent and unbiased individual to help you shape your thinking and challenge you to think even bigger.

You may have a specific outcome you want to reach or you may have trouble gaining clarity and you’re not sure what your options are. Coaching can help you cut through the noise and explore a different course of action.

Working with Helen, a highly experienced transformational coach can help you unlock the power within yourself to realise your greatest potential.

What Leadership Coaching Can do for you:

  • Enable you to lead with positivity, authenticity and confidence by creating greater self awareness and purpose
  • Gain a greater understanding of your leadership style and how you might flex this to meet the needs of individuals, teams and organisational objectives
  • Sharpen your personal and professional branding, helping you to create positive and lasting impact
  • Build a structured plan to help you transition in to a new Leadership role or to the next level

How it works:

Each package is tailor made to meet the needs of the individual Client, and the Sponsor as appropriate. Most packages will comprise of the following components:

  • A ‘Getting to know you’ session ensures that you and your coach are a ‘good fit’
  • Working with your coach and sponsor (as appropriate), to define specific areas of focus and outcomes
  • Immersive conversation in order to explore what you would like to move forward, raise awareness and build strategies; this can include creating a development plan which progress can be reviewed against
  • Reflection time between sessions and the opportunity to put in to practise your new thinking, tools and techniques

Training and Facilitation

Helen is an experienced and energetic Learning & Development Professional, specialising in Leadership Development and Attitudinal & Behavioural Training. Using her finely tuned Coaching Skills and knowledge of how people learn routed in Psychology, Helen is able to engage a room and ensure the learning sticks. Facilitated sessions with Helen are highly energetic, inspiring and great fun!

Helen’s experience is varied and extensive. Highlights include being part of a team that won a National Training Award for a well respected Customer Service Programme, to being chosen as an independent facilitator of a Commission on behalf of the JLP Chairman. Helen regularly presents and facilitates at Conferences and Networking Events and has also been a Guest Speaker on topics such as Workplace Culture, Creating a Coaching Culture and Wellbeing.

Helen is a classically trained singer and holds a Diploma in Music Theatre (ALCM). She is able to bring this experience and energy in to her work with others, allowing them to deliver for themselves their own ‘performances’ full of confidence and presence.

How Helen can help you:

  • Keynote Speaker at an event where you want your audience to both intently sit and listen, as well as stand up and participate. Enabling them to come away feeling focused and inspired to make a difference to themselves and their organisation.
  • Help you create that important presentation whether you need to drive your team to action or engage a room full of people you don’t know. Work with you on both the content and the delivery style equally to ensure the presentation is aligned to your vision and delivered with creativity, authenticity and impact.
  • Fully assess the needs of your people and organisation in order to complete a Learning Needs Analysis and interventions in line with this. Design and delivery of bespoke programs in leadership Development, Customer Service and Employee Ownership. Programs will consist of a blended approach of training, coaching, pre/post course work and reflective practice to ensure meaningful and lasting change.

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