“Helen is a natural at planning, facilitating and leading workshops – from inception through to successful delivery. She will provide impetus and purpose to any team or project, and is a pleasure to work with. If you haven’t got a Helen in your project, you should get one!”

Matthew Riley, Head of Informatics and Board Member, Here

“Thank you Helen, Coaching is the best development I have ever had and has allowed me to resolve development needs better and quicker than I have been able to in the past. I have enjoyed the process and found it all immensely useful. My style of leadership and understanding of others in my team has greatly improved to the extent that others around me have noticed. ”

SM, Store Manager, John Lewis Partnership

“As soon as I met Helen I saw an opportunity to utilise her passion, skills and knowledge of employee ownership for the benefit of EOA Members. We are delighted to have Helen as part of our events, including our signiture event, the EOA Annual Conference.”

Oliver Smith, Head of Membership, Employee Ownership Association

“Helen, thank you so much for your help and direction over the past weeks. I feel much better equipped now to complete the course in the way that provides the right balance and deliverables for the client, and will ultimately be more enjoyable and rewarding for me. It has been a real pleasure to work with you, and has been great fun as well.”

Andy Pollard, Cost Engineer, Perkins (Caterpillar)

“I have worked with Helen for a number of years, she has been my coach, my mentor and trusted friend in business throughout this time and I value her skill set enormously. Helen has the operational and commercial insight, allied to a strategic overview of our business and a broad personnel skill set, which she uses to coach me, helping me to make the best possible decisions. Never directive, she enlightens me with her insight and suggests trains of thought, which open my eyes to more possibilities. She can be challenging and will stand her ground if required, which adds to her capability and enhances the respect I have for her.

Helen is somebody who is bright, insightful, engaging, quietly challenging of myself and a great human being to have in the organisation, she adds energy and fun, which is infectious and generates a buzz. If anyone is considering engaging Helen to support themselves and or their business, you won’t be disappointed.”

Neil Westbrook, Head of Shop Trade, Waitrose.

“Helen is an excellent facilitator.  Her proactive and friendly approach puts people at ease and sets a good example.  Helen is an excellent role model and has an engaging and caring style together with strong determination and drive to deliver excellent results.  She has an ability to make connections to strategic themes and to deliver presentations which support key messages.  She integrates helpful feedback with her supportive coaching style which helps people to feel relaxed, confident and to deliver clear and concise presentations.”

Chrysta Poppitt, Senior Director HR, Turley

“Coaching allowed me to think outside the box when making managerial decisions. It allowed me to feel confident in my decision making and helped me across my development. I was able to use my coach Helen to guide me through difficult times as she gave me the tools to answer any questions I had myself.”

Alessio De Marco, Strategy and Transformation Manager, John Lewis Partnership

“Helen, I appreciate you as a highly capable and very experienced coach and coaching supervisor. You offer both coachees and supervisees a calm and open place to be vulnerable and to reflect, where you use your wealth of coaching experience to enable them to achieve their outcomes. You have such a unique quality of combining care and challenge and I admire the way you intensely listen and stay totally present. You have been so committed to developing your coaching practice and I have really valued your support of me and your fellow supervisors in developing and growing our coaching proposition at John Lewis Partnership. Thank you for all of your care and energy.”

Sophie O Sullivan, Senior Organisation Change Manager, John Lewis Partnership
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